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Getting Members Involved

Mason wants to feel welcome and involved. Satisfy this want by engaging him immediately in lodge activities. Offer meaningful involvement opportunities that will keep him actively participating. Doing this can be a major challenge for your lodge leadership.

And, do not forget about the seasoned brother. You need to retain long time members and continue their involvement with the lodge in order take advantage of their experience and mentoring of younger members. If a member’s expectations are not met, or he is not engaged in the lodge, he will become an inactive member and has a higher risk of being suspended for non-payment of dues.

Use this document to provide a proven process for involving new members in your lodge. The result will be active members that will thrive in their life-long Masonic journey.

Download Getting Members Involved Here

Lodge Self-Assessment

As with any plan for the future, it is necessary to know where you have been, where you are, and where you are headed. This document is designed to help lodge officers execute an evaluation of your lodge to identify what areas are working well, and what areas can be improved.

Lodge Self-Assessment is a tool that involves performing a critical analysis of the lodge’s goals, interests, and experience. By using this process, the Grand Lodge Membership Committee hopes it will help you make your lodge even better. Lodge Self-Assessment is not about pointing out the bad, it is about making sure your lodge is a great place for you and your Brethren to meet and grow together, as well as improve the vitality of the lodge.

Download the Lodge Self-Assessment Here

Lodge Membership Survey

The Lodge Membership Survey was developed as a tool to be used by Nebraska lodges and their membership retention committees to evaluate why a brother joined the lodge and thereby gain valuable information to get him involved.

Keeping brothers involved with the lodge is an ongoing process that demands constant attention. The process starts with welcoming the candidate; followed immediately with integration through the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason Degrees; and continuing with lodge activities and projects that keep the members interested and involved.

The Grand Lodge Membership Committee encourages lodges to complete the survey and periodically perform further surveys, to keep the lodge relevant and responsive to its members.

Download the Lodge Membership Survey Here

Five Steps to Enroll and Prepare Candidates

No matter what the source, it is important that the potential candidate have an understanding of what Masonry can provide to him and what Masonry expects from him. The purpose of the “Five Steps to Enroll and Prepare Candidates” is to satisfy that requirement and keep the potential candidate in Masonry for his lifetime.

Download the Five Steps Here

Exit Interview

This “Exit Interview” was developed as a tool to be used by Nebraska lodges and their membership retention committees to evaluate why a brother is leaving lodge, encourage him to return to the Craft, and determine what “adjustments” should be made in lodge. Whether used on its own or together with other resources available on the Grand Lodge Website, it can be a valuable tool to see if there are areas where a lodge can improve itself or its processes and potentially regain a brother.

Download the Exit Interview Here

Video Presentations

These videos were prepared by the Membership Committee to help you manage your Lodge better. A new window will open up taking you to the YouTube site.
The Role of the Membership Sustaining Committee
Creating a Member Survey
Implementing a Membership Plan

How Can You Help?

The Membership Committee is continually looking for ideas on ways to retain and enroll members. If you have any processes that have worked for you and your lodge, please let us know by using the email addresses below. Every Mason in Nebraska’s Jurisdiction is invested in seeing our Craft grow.

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