Essential Documents

Who To Contact at the Grand Lodge

Ever wonder which person at the Grand Lodge Office you should talk to about a particular issue? This document will point you in the right direction.

Grand Lodge of Nebraska Constitution and Bylaws

The foundational documents that govern Freemasonry in Nebraska and your Lodge.

Ceremonies Manual

The standard and correct way to do everything such as elections, installation of officers, Masonic protocol and more.

Investigating Committee

The official guide to investigating a candidate.

Elevator Speech

Have you run into someone you know and thought that they would make a good member of our beloved fraternity, but did not know what to say? How about someone asking about the Masonic emblem you are wearing and not knowing a good response. This short “elevator speech” will assist you in either situation.

Application to Amend Lodge Bylaws

Any change to your Lodge bylaws must be approved by the Grand Master. Use this form to apply for approval.

Receiving the Grand Master

The required ritual for formally receiving the Grand Master or his Personal Representative in your Lodge.

Cornerstone Request

A Cornerstone Ceremony for a new public building in your community is a great way to gain visibility in your community. Here is all you need to know to put a Cornerstone event together.

Leadership Documents

Leading Volunteers Manual

Leading volunteers of a volunteer organization is very different from leading a business in the private sector or military or first responders. This publication is intended to provide information to apply when looking for volunteers, desired attributes of volunteers, what volunteers are looking for, leading volunteers, and when necessary dismissing volunteers.

Lodge Leadership Manual

Leadership is vision, motivation, organization, and most importantly, action. Leadership gives people a sense of influence, hope, and makes things happen. Leadership creates the future, provides guidance, direction, inspiration, and empowers people to realize their leadership potential.

Lodge Operations Manual

This Grand Lodge Lodge Operations Manual is intended to help you with many questions you might have about how to lead your lodge.

Lodge Leadeship Presentation (PowerPoint)

A PowerPoint presentation on the concepts of Lodge Leadership.

Award Forms

Awards at a Glance

List of awards that are available for application from the Grand Lodge

Artificer Award

It is the goal of this award to get our newly raised members involved in the lodge and give them a well-rounded exposure to the different things that this fraternity does.

Gold Pan

The Gold Pan Award is awarded each year to that Nebraska lodge which has contributed extraordinary service to or advancement of Freemasonry in Nebraska, or has shown the greatest improvement or innovation in its activities.

Local Lodge Mason of the Year

Many lodges have a history of presenting a Mason of the Year Award, or something similar, to one of their local Brethren. In order to show the support of the Grand Lodge for such an award, a certificate has been designed and is available to all subordinate lodges.

Lodge Vitality

This award recognizes lodges that are visibly demonstrating involvement in their communities locally, regionally, and statewide, making the lodge a vital part of those communities.

Individual Masonic Service & Achievement Awards

The Individual Masonic Service Award is bestowed to recognize exemplary service to the fraternity through individual effort and contribution to the good of Masonry.
The Individual Masonic Achievement Award is bestowed to more appropriately recognize those Masons who exceedingly demonstrate selfless dedication and commitment to the tenets of Masonry.

Nebraska Pillar Award

The Nebraska Pillar Award recognizes lodges that perform the required activities, which can result in a successful year, a stronger lodge and a fulfilling experience for members. (Combo application with GM Leadership Award)

Grand Master's Leadership Award

The Grand Master’s Leadership Award recognizes Masters who perform required activities during the year, which will help to activate your lodge, create interest in members and increase awareness in your community. (Combo application with Pillar Award)