November is Election Month!

Elections are an important function of your Lodge and being an officer can be an important part of your development as a Mason. If you have never been an officer, get involved and let your Lodge know you’d like to serve. You will be glad you did!

Annual Communication Registration is Open!

Registration for the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska is now open. You can register either online at or by mail using the forms sent to your Lodge Secretary.

While the Bylaws of the Grand Lodge require that officers of the Lodge attend, please keep in mind that everyone is welcome. The subordinate Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska actually form the Grand Lodge and it is at this session each year that our business and legislation is handled. Plus, Annual Communication is a great way to meet other Brothers from around the state and share ideas on what’s working in the Lodge. There are also several Masonic vendors at which for you to shop and on Saturday morning, there is an Education Breakfast to get your day started right.