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Lodge Forms and Secretary Reports

These forms are for use by the Lodge Secretaries to accomplish tasks with regard to required monthly and annual reporting, new memberships, courtesy work, demits and transfers, perpetual memberships, bylaws amendments and membership longevity awards. These forms and additional information for secretaries can be found on the Secretary Reports page.

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These items are publications and forms utilized by lodges and lodge members with regard to ceremonies, introduction of the Grand Master, investigating committees, ideas for lodge renewal, and other various items of lodge function.

Petitions & Applications

These forms are the now-current membership petitions and applications that should be used by all Nebraska subordinate lodges. The edition date of the current form can be found on the bottom right of each form.

In order to preserve these documents into perpetuity, when printing these documents, it is recommended that they be printed using either a quality laser or ink jet printer. The paper should be a minimum of 20lb (standard copy paper).

Academic Scholarship Applications

These forms should be used for the Houghton Fund Scholarships awarded by the lodges, the Masonic Youth Scholarships and the Emick Scholarships.

Awards Applications

These forms are the now-current award applications that should be used by all Nebraska subordinate lodges. Lodges should check the forms carefully to ensure that deadlines are observed in submitting them to the Grand Lodge for consideration.


All past Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska are avaialble for viewing and searching. This service is provided by the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Click here to go to the external site.


These documents provide information relative to cornerstones, Masonic Relief requests and jewels, social media, webpages, paypal accounts, the preferred square and compass logo and other miscellaneous items.

Lodge Leadership and Membership

The Lodge Leadership and Membership Committees provide an array of valuable publications that can be used to strength lodges and membership. Those publications are provided on the individual committee pages. Choose a page below to learn more.

Lodge Leadership Committee Membership Committee

Nebraska Freemasons CHIP and Masonic Band

Forms and detailed information relative to the Nebraska Freemasons CHIP Program and the Nebraska Masonic Band Camp can be found on those individual pages. Select the appropriate page below.

NE CHIP Program NE Masonic Band

Grand Lodge Officer and Deputy Grand Custodians

These forms are for use by the Nebraska Grand Lodge Officers and Deputy Grand Custodians.

News Release Forms

This file contains various News Release forms to help your lodge get the word out to your community about upcoming events. Download the file, find the news release you want to use, and copy the text to a new document.

News Release File

Nebraska Monitor

The official Nebraska Monitor can now be accessed at the link below. Click on the picture to open an application in your browser that will allow you to read the monitor. The app will work with any browser on all platforms.