Nebraska Grand Lodge Cornerstone Ceremonies

Since 1869, Nebraska Masons have performed the cornerstone ceremony for well over 500 buildings, including the Nebraska State Capitol. In ancient times, buildings were plumbed, squared, and leveled by stonemasons. Their cornerstones were the starting point for all buildings, and if not done perfectly, the quality of the entire structure would steadily diminish throughout the course of its life span. The officers of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska symbolically examine each cornerstone to ensure it is plumb, square, and level to carry on a tradition of civic pride in public buildings which are eligible for the cornerstone ceremony.

If your community is interested in a cornerstone for a public building, please contact the Grand Lodge office or your local Masonic Lodge for more information or to schedule a ceremony.

Cornerstone ceremony in Columbus on July 22nd, 2023. Click on the photo for a full story!
Cornerstone ceremony at the Beatrice Fire Station, July 23rd, 2022. Click on the photo for a full story!