History of Freemasonry in Nebraska

Chartered 1857

The Grand Lodge Of Nebraska was chartered in 1857 when Nebraska Lodge No. 184 (chartered from the Grand Lodge of Illinois), Giddings Lodge No. 156 (chartered from the Grand Lodge of Missouri) and Capitol Lodge No. 101 (chartered from the Grand Lodge of Iowa) came together to form the Grand Lodge Of Nebraska.

Upon formation, these three Masonic Lodges who first comprised the Grand Lodge would go on to become “Nebraska Lodge No. 1,” “Western Star Lodge No. 2,” and “Capitol Lodge No. 3,” respectively. Since its formation in 1857, the Grand Lodge has grown to represent 134 “Subordinate Lodges” and has reached almost every city and county of this great state; From Omaha in the east, to Chadron in the west.

For more information regarding the history of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska, a background on Freemasonry in general, its appendant bodies, philanthropies, and other information, please visit the Nebraska Masonic Foundation Library & Museum at this link or contact us using the contact link.